It’s elderflower season


The hedgerows are bursting with elderflower at this time of year.

Time to get foraging….

Here are my top tips for collecting elderflower heads, ready for making a refreshing summer cordial.

  • Collect elderflower heads on a dry, warm day, preferably in the morning.
  • Choose an elderflower tree away from high traffic areas to avoid pollutants.
  • Only collect the flower heads, you don’t want the green stalks in your recipe.
  • Don’t rinse the flower heads before using, just shake gently to remove any insects. Rinsing removes the pollen and flavour.
  • It is ok to freeze the flower heads before using, just freeze in a sealed bag or plastic box.
  • Always forage responsibly, ask permission of the landowner if necessary and never strip a tree of all of its flower heads.

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